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Food vouchers for vulnerable children and families

A food voucher scheme will continue to be available to families in need over the half term holiday period.

The scheme works by providing vouchers directly to families via the network of Children’s Centres that are based in communities across our area.

The vouchers are £15 per child and cover the whole week.

The vouchers enable food to be supplied by a number of the major supermarket chains that operate in our communities and any families who are eligible to free school meals will be able to access this support.

Please contact your children's centre directly to make arrangements.

To ensure that everyone is safe and socially distanced, please do not turn up to a centre without a prior booking. You can find contact details below.

Anyone requesting a voucher will be required to provide:

  • their name and address
  • the child's name and date of birth

Looking ahead, we are exploring how we can best continue the arrangements for the Christmas period taking account of the particular circumstances created by the pandemic.

If you cannot contact a Children’s Centre please call us on 0300 300 8000.